The City is the world, a world filled with NOISE––a virtual ocean, a digital jungle. Set in and around a dystopian fictionalized City in the year 2035, unemployment, class warfare, and hyper-commerce provide the social backdrop in which a job-hungry data-miner, David Phoenix, attempts to survive. A CITY TO MAKE ME follows the psychological journey of a man exposed to deep politics and dark power as he becomes a Transhuman agent for the revolution, fighting against an all-powerful corporation on the verge of total information control.



Monday, March 15, 2010

Neuroenhancers and H+

Trolling The Feed today, and came across this...Need I say more. Huxley is kicking through his casket...

“It’s not the mind-expanding sixties anymore,” comments Margaret Talbot in a recent New Yorker article. “Neuroenhancers are perfectly suited for the anxiety of white-collar competition in a floundering economy. And they have a synergistic relationship with our multiplying digital technologies: the more gadgets we own, the more distracted we become, and the more we need help in order to focus.”


Read the orginal article HERE

Meanwhile, UPDATES on A City to Make Me include Matt Hughes beginning to craft his DP production bible, complete with locations and reference images. Chris Rubano is hacking away at headphone parts, LED's and electronics. Zulema and I are meeting tomorrow to discuss the budget for the world of costumes in the film. John is a week away from finishing the FIRST of ten concept images. AND, time keeps on slipping...into the future.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Linas and CONNECTED...

Linas and I, over beers at HOPLEAF, hatched a pretty workable plan to visualize a short film over the next 6 months. Ok, that's my timeline, but here's to hoping. He also wants to sink his teeth into the BIGGEST VFX scene I can throw at him. Done!

Checked out this short film today, CONNECTED: http://www.ov43.com/

I'm getting more and more excited about creating a short film out of the ACtMM concept...That hasn't always been the case. I've wanted to just PUSH for the feature. I know the feature will come, in due course, but let's prove the concept first, in 5 minutes or less.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meetings and Management...

3D people: Finding them. After placing another AD on Craigslist, I think I may have found the people we're looking for. It's hard to find people who are interested in investing their TIME into something without getting hard cold cash in exchange. But, a few people still do things because they BELIEVE in the project, like it, see room for growth...On Monday I'm meeting with a local architectural rendering firm who wants to get into the film world.

The toughest thing I had to do this week was to express, in words, my frustration with members of the crew not 'owning' this project. We all have our own lives. We all have side-side-side projects. But you know what...This is a MAMMOTH project that won't finish itself without discipline and dedication, even if it amounts to 30 minutes a day. I hope, for the sake of the project, that these words resonated and affect change. Time will tell.